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Are you tired of spending endless amounts of time on travel websites, waiting on hold, only to be told to go to another website? Let me be your voice. In addition to arranging travel for all travelers, special needs are my special interest. As a little person, I understand the problems of special needs travel.

Whether you need accessible travel arrangements or an accessible travel agent, I am accesssible to you.

As a little person who often deals with limited mobility, I have learned how to minimize the frustrations while maximizing the enjoyment. I take the time to understand your requirements and will do my best to get you the accommodations you need. I will give you my all to make sure you enjoy a safe and wonderful trip.

Why use Bob Levine?

Your time: Your time is precious. Instead of dealing with the hassles of searching and travel planning I will listen to your needs and through my knowledge and networks, I will do it quickly and will do it right.

Save Money: I have access to packages, tours, cruise vacations, air fares, hotel rates and more through my contacts and network.

Travel Advocate: I advocate for your unique needs.

Convenience: One stop shopping for ALL your travel needs.

Knowledge & Experience: I go beyond the basics and will bring my expertise to the confusion of travel planning.